Our Aluminium Formwork System provides Aluminium Formwork for RCC load bearing or RCC framed multi-storied buildings and enables the walls and slabs to be poured in the same operation. These increases efficiency and also produces an extraordinarily strong structure with excellent concrete finish. Due to the fine tolerance achieved in the machined metal formwork components, consistent concrete shapes and finishes are obtained floor after floor. This allows plumbing and electrical fittings to be prefabricated with the certain knowledge that there will be an exact fit when assembled.

Unlike other construction systems, Our Formwork Systems of aluminium forms can be erected by unskilled labour and without the need for hoisting cranes. The largest panel weighs not more than 25 kgs which means it can be handled by a single worker.

Our Services

The company masters in providing one stop solution for the all kinds of Formwork systems, like in both Aluminium formwork systems and Conventional formwork.


We will do complete designing & detailing of Aluminium formwork to suit the client requirements. Once we receive the architectural and engineers drawings from client, our design team will prepare formwork modulation drawings for the approval of client. We can also provide Design consulting services for all formwork systems according to Client Requirements. Our design services are inclusive of Structural calculation and complete modulation drawings and manufacturing drawings.


On receipt of the approval for the modulation drawings, Our manufacturing team will start manufacturing the each components to suit our Component list. Once the manufacturing process is completed we will do the Mockup in the Factory space for the each and every set of Formwork to check the missing of any components.


After the mockup check, packing will be done as per the Bay Schedule we have submitted. We can also supply Material based on Client’s Custom Requirement to match their existing system.


Once the materials delivered to the site, Our erection team will be there in the site for Verification of Received Material and give support for one complete Aluminium Formwork Installation Cycle.


  • The Formwork is specifically designed to allow rapid construction on all types of architectural layouts.
  • Total system forms the complete concrete structure.
  • Custom-designed to suit project requirements.
  • Unsurpassed construction speed .
  • High quality finish.
  • Eliminates plastering, saves almost 50 percent construction time.
  • The system becomes cost effective where there is considerable repetition of floor layouts on a project such as in the case of low cost mass housing.
  • Panels can be re used up to 280 times.
  • Erected using unskilled labour.
  • Requires no cranes or heavy lifting equipment.
  • Suitable for low as well as high rise buildings.
  • No need to use any timber or plywood.
  • The resulting structures are highly durable and this ensures that the expenditure on maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  • After the 25 cycles of reusing of our formwork system we will reach the Break even point of the conventional formwork cost.

Technical Support

At Manufacto India, our commitment is to deliver unmatched technical support throughout the lifecycle of your construction project. Ensuring seamless implementation and optimal performance of our formwork systems, our comprehensive support covers every project phase.

Key Support Features:

Pre-Installation Assistance:
● Expert design guidance for formwork selection and optimization.
● Precise technical drawings and user-friendly installation manuals.
On-site Supervision and Assistance:
● Dedicated site engineers for real-time support and troubleshooting.
● Safety training and compliance to prioritize workforce safety.

Post-Installation Support and Maintenance:
● Expert guidance for safe formwork removal and dismantling.
● Performance evaluation, optimization recommendations, and ongoing
technical consultations.
Comprehensive Technical Documentation:
● Online knowledge base with articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides.
● Regular technical bulletins, updates, and informative video tutorials.

Customer Satisfaction Commitment:
At Manufacto India, our unwavering dedication to exceeding industry standards ensures exceptional technical support. Our passionate team of experts is ready to assist you in achieving your construction goals with successful implementation of our aluminium formwork solutions.

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