Manufacto India PVT LTD: Pioneering Excellence in Aluminum Formwork and Hardware Manufacturing

  • Precision and Efficiency: Our Expansive Facility – Spanning 7 acres with 20,000 square feet of constructed space and enough room for further expansion – Utilizes Cutting-Edge Machinery for Unparalleled
  • Advanced Cutting Machinery: Meticulous Craftsmanship – Leveraging Circular, Shearing, and Plasma Laser Cutting Machines to Minimize Waste and Achieve Meticulous Precision in Every
  • Innovative Punching Solutions: Elevating Production Standards – Hydraulic Multi-Punch, Tie Slot Shaving, Non-Standard, and Oblong Slot Punching Machines Expedite Formwork and Hardware
  • Robust Welding Solutions: Ensuring Structural Integrity – From Friction Welding to MIG Welding and Robotic MIG Welding, Our Equipment Guarantees Durable Welds and Longevity in Aluminum Formwork
  • Essential Finishing Expertise: Aesthetic Appeal and Corrosion Protection – Our Straightening, Buffing, and Lacquering Machines Contribute to Flawless, Polished
  • Expanded Manufacturing Capabilities: Precision Profiles – The Integration of a Roller Forming Machine Enhances Our Ability to Craft Diverse Aluminum Profiles to Meet Varied Construction
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Industry Leadership – Consistently Investing in Cutting-Edge Machinery and Technologies to Reinforce Our Position at the Forefront of Aluminum Formwork and Hardware

Embark on a Journey of Unrivaled Craftsmanship at Manufacto India PVT LTD, Where Our State-of-the-Art Facility Reflects a Profound Commitment to Excellence in Aluminum Formwork and Hardware Production.